6 Ways To Raise Your Energetic Vibration

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In this blog post I will share 6 ways to raise your energetic vibration. When we experience a conscious expansion, it is like the light is being turned on in a room that used to be dark. We start to see more clearly how reality actually is. We tend to become more aware of the energetics behind all things and how it is affecting us. It is like our sensitivity is turned up and we experience reality more intensely. In this process, it is normal to change the way we spend our energy and what we choose to consume or engage in.

We turn less mental and more intuitive as we start navigating life as energetic beings, making choices on what feels right instead of what is accepted or seen as normal. My top 6 tips on how to increase your energetic vibration will make you feel more ease, joy, clarity, aliveness and presence in your daily life.

#1 Taking a cold shower

The first way out of 6 ways to raise your energetic vibration is by exposing yourself to ice cold water. There’s a reason why ice bathing has become so popular. Diving into cold water increases blood circulation, decrease muscle tension, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, reduce inflammation and increases your overall energy level. It is a painful shock on the body that encourages deep breathing using both lungs. It feels really refreshing, rejuvenating and you will feel more vital and alive.

My favourite part is how it clears the mental clutter and generally lifts my mood. Both Wim Hof, “The Iceman”, and one of the world’s most acknowledged personal trainers and biohacker, Ben Greenfield, are advocating exposure to cold water for better health and wellbeing.

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#2 Breathwork

Breathwork is second on my list and comes in many forms. Generally speaking we have the ancient yogic tradition of Pranayama and the more modern versions like Circular breathing and Rebirthing technique. Breathwork comes with many benefits especially with regards to emotional release. I remember the first two times I did rebirthing technique. The first time I only cried and the second time I only laughed.

Breath is also beneficial for clearing mental clutter and accessing the present moment. It is always available and is excellent for meditative purposes. The famous Self-Realized sage Sri Ramana Maharshi advocates this as a way of quieting the mind and accessing the true Self. I am a breathwork teacher myself and give sessions within my program, Awaken You!

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#3 Movement

Movement takes me away from my mental clutter and is another way of raising your energetic vibration. Movement puts a stop to the thought race and everyday stress and into the present moment. Body presence increases mood, joy, self love and flow in life and is therefore one of the key principles inside my program, Awaken You!

Making your body move and even sweat is an excellent way of releasing tension and raise your vibration. See how much spontaneity you can bring into this. Put on your favourite songs and dance or join an ecstatic dance event. It is fun and helps you stop caring what others think. Remove tension and the feeling of being stuck by making your body move.

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#4 Nature

The fourth way to raise your energetic vibration is by spending time in nature. Nature is the place I can escape to when my life feels too much. Nature is always present despite of the changing seasons and weathers. There is a reason why we feel so peaceful, rejuvenated and calm after spending time alone in nature. There is more aliveness, more life force and Source energy present here.

A flower doesn’t question how it grows. It doesn’t worry about the past or the future and how others perceives it. Nature receives you exactly as you are and doesn’t judge or label you in any way. Under the trees, in the meadows or next to a calm lake is where I relax the most, and being in nature helps me feel more clarity, self love and acceptance.

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#5 High frequency music

The fifth on my list is music. Have you noticed how music changes your mood? Most of us have, but few of us pays attention to how the lyrics sometimes become like mantras in our minds. Choose wisely what you listen to is my advice. When my awakening really started back in 2018, I became more sensitive to what music I was listening to. I preferred instrumental music only and the higher frequency the better. The hz 396, hz 432, hz 528, hz 639, hz 741, hz 852 and hz 963 have profoundly effects on wellbeing, DNA repair, inner peace, love, clarity and awareness, creativity. It can activate our intuition and the pineal gland.

They are called Miracle tones for a reason and these frequencies helped me a lot through the dark night of the soul. I can recommend music from Solfeggio, Ishq and Meditative Mind. Native American music can also be profoundly comforting to listen to. There is a reason why sound healing events has become increasingly popular. By the use of healing tones, singing bowls and drums, our bodies can relax, feel balanced and in harmony again.

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#6 Essential oils

The 6th way to raise your energetic vibration is with the use of essential oils. I have just started exploring this area, but I’m already noticing the positive effects of using essential oils. Basically, the benefits we experience can be many and differs between the oils themselves and the combination if they are used as a blend. Some benefits that can be noticed are an increased sense of wellbeing, better sleep, mental clarity, better performance, more creativity, more energy, and reduction of anxiety, nausea, inflammation and stress.

There is an essential oil for almost every challenge or purpose, so go explore. I use essential oils in a diffuser and sometimes I just smell on the bottle. Some people drink it and put them on their skin, but I recommend that you are careful here since they are very potent, strong and can cause negative reactions on your body if used immoderate. I buy all my products from DoTerra and they are a globally trusted brand of high quality oils and supplementing products.

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I hope you enjoyed and found ono of the 6 ways to raise your energetic vibration to be useful. Learn more inside my deep diving coaching program, Awaken You!

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