An Optical Illusion

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When we are young children we experience the world unfiltered and naturally in the 5 senses. Slowly and gradually we enter into a world of thoughts. The thought world puts a filter on reality and creates a sense of a world out there and a world in here, which is the root of the sense of separation. The thought world is like an optical illusion; it appears to have depth, shape and form, but which in reality it doesn’t contain.

The more we wake up and transcend the world of thoughts, or the matrix, the more we find ourselves back on the screen. The screen, or canvas, is the present moment and your present awareness of what is. In truth, waking up means realising that all the thinking, all the ideation, all the future worry and past regret, all the ideas about ourselves and others, are all just fluctuations within our own being. It is fluctuations and movements of the mind. Hence, it doesn’t affect the actual, unfiltered reality.

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What only the mind can do…

The mind creates stories using words and images. The stories are hypnotising and lures us into the dualistic world of relativity. It feels very real, especially since it is constantly reaffirmed by other people and society in which we share this illusion of the world. Only the mind can give things context and meaning. In fact, only the mind can overlay ideas and concepts on the natural reality. Furthermore, the mind pushes and pulls on thoughts in an attempt to make the inner world more comfortable and beneficial for the false sense of self.

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You can find yourself back to the empty canvas again. With inquiry and thought investigation you can get out of the optical illusion of the thought world. Consequently, natural reality will reveal itself to you. With natural reality comes equanimity, peace and non-duality as unconditional love. Meet me here. Meet your true nature here.

Much love and namaste,


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