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In this blog post I will share my perspective on intuition and energetic navigation. When we start to wake up from the world of thoughts and the mental-based matrix, we normally don’t stop to think or cease to identify with our thoughts right away. Instead, we tend to become aware of something beyond the thought world.

This “something” is hard to describe, but I like to use analogies. One analogy we can use is that it feels like we have been in a dark room as long as we can remember. Suddenly the light gets turned on and we see a deeper layer of reality and what is present here. We see more of what reality is and this can be opposed to what we thought it was.

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The energetics of reality can seem to become more apparent and harder to ignore. This includes our own emotions, other people’s intentions and generally how things makes us feel. We can feel alienated in a hostile world of separation. What used to feel normal and okay, is now uncomfortable. This is not an easy stage on our awakening journey and we can feel a strong need for change.

The inner conflict

When the battle of the mind and soul begins, we can feel pulled in different directions. Maybe we have worked at a job that paid us well for years and suddenly we don’t resonate with it anymore. Or we have been friends with someone our whole life and suddenly we see more of their true colours and how spending time with them actually makes us feel. Perhaps we have watched mainstream movies every weekend and now they feel shallow and malicious.

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It can become a battle of logic and intuition. Maybe we used to make decisions based on what seemed common sense, rational or expected of us. Now we are getting tuned into a more subtle intuition. Further, we learn to see that making choices based on what feels right usually brings us closer to joy and peace.

It is a battle between force and flow. If we used to be able to force ourselves to do things we didn’t like or said “yes” when we meant “no”, we might start to recognise that this is self-abandonment. Discipline becomes harder if we are using it to attain goals that are not in resonance with us. We stop working against ourselves and start taking action in alignment which is a crucial step in energetic navigation.

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We used to analyse, plan, understand and manage every aspect of life and every choice we made. Now we are forced to surrender to faith and allow ourselves to gravitate towards what feels right. At the same time we learn to gravitate away from what feels wrong. This natural pull drives our choices of how we spend our time and energy. This is greatly explained by one of my favourite teachers, Lori Ladd.

The evolution that leads us onto the path of energetic navigation

Basically, ignoring the intuition and the energetic resonance gets harder and harder as we progress on the spiritual journey. In fact, it forces us to be authentic, present and surrendered to what is being presented to us. The attempt to push and pull on reality, manipulate and fix life, feels heavier and heavier until we learn to let go and live life from a place of faith, wonder, curiosity, humility, spontaneity and presence.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about energetic navigation and check out my deep diving program, Awaken You! where I show you how to make a frequency compass to navigate through life.

Much love, Julie

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