Just as The Here And The Now

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Inside human beings there is a deep desire and longing for home, our true home and true nature. Some of us can go through a whole lifetime with this part of us being hidden and asleep. Others, like myself and probably you if you are reading this, are feeling the longing too strongly. Hence, we start seeking for the real self. When we start seeking for deep, existential truth about who and what we are and the truth about life itself, we tend to start seeking inside the mental realm. We enter something I have previously described as the spiritual matrix. It is a space for the ego to let us look for answers while still survive and have its hold on us.

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We take on a spiritual identity of being “awake”, “seekers” or “more conscious”. In some way, we create an identity our of our experience. It is normal and nothing to beat ourselves up over. But it is eventually a trap when it comes to the topic of liberation and absolute truth. If our true nature calls us further, we will start to go beyond conceptual spirituality and into our direct experience. We will go beyond religion, beliefs and identity to get to the core of life itself. Our direct experience is nothing special or exclusive. In direct experience the ego can’t thrive. In fact, it can only be found just as the here and the now.

A total surrender into the here and the now…

It requires a complete surrender and a total letting go of everything we tried to find, solve and be through the mind. Being so simple, so simple that it is being overlooked. Reality is revealed to us through the 5 senses when it is unfiltered by the mind. It is not supernatural, cosmic or out there somewhere. It is very here and very now and has everything to do with being you.

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We cling to the minds attachment because it gives us a false sense of identity, safety and control. Outside of the mind, there is nothing to find, just being itself. It is scary and the ego tries to avoid it at all costs. But as we do look here, we open up for the non-dual consciousness that is the absolute truth.

When the fantasy dies

The mind will try to drag us back like an attention seeking three year old. It will sometimes kick and scream in an attempt to stay in control of our attention. However, this calms down as we face our emotions and suffering as separate identities from the whole. Our whole spiritual fantasy dissolves and our ego calms down. Furthermore, the seeking dies a painful death and all we are left with is just the here and the now. Nothing less, nothing more.

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Have you been stuck in the spiritual matrix for a while and feel ready to open up for the here and the now as the door to liberation? Check out my services here and let me guide you on your way to your true nature.

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