The Cure to Pain is the Pain Itself

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In this blog post I’ll share my perspective on the main and broader principles of shadow work and the cure to pain. When we start the journey of awakening, shadow work is inevitable. The false self is, in many ways, an outgrowth of emotional pain and shadow aspects. To cope with pain and deal with discomfort, we create identities that protects, defends and counteracts the shadow aspects. The smart ego defends the one feeling ridiculed or stupid. The tough ego defends the vulnerable one. The kind ego defends the guilty. This is how we enter the house of mirrors when we define ourselves to feel better, which is the trap of all traps.

The Masque Drops

Awakening is a journey towards authenticity and truth. It is a journey of compassion and when time is up, we start to question what is wrong with the world and what we have taken ourselves to be. When I had my awakening back in 2018, I couldn’t hide from myself anymore and the false identities I had been carrying and taken to be me, felt really tainted and unreal. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something felt wrong. As the masques fell off, the emotional pain hiding right behind came to the surface. I became aware of my own suffering, as perfectly stated in Buddhist terms.

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The Cure to Pain

What awakening is asking of us is realising the truth of what we are. To do this, we must face what we are not, but have taken ourselves to be. All pain is looking for is acceptance. Painful aspects are parts of the Absolute that has been denied their right to exist through suppression, avoidance and rejection. Everything is Source and when you are accepting the parts of you that you previously denied, Source is deep diving into its own ocean of ignorance and picking up its lost pieces. You are doing God’s work.

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Accepting shame, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, unworthiness, shock, grief and any other uncomfortable emotion is a service done with unconditional love. The true cure to pain is in the pain itself. Inside of pain is unconsciousness living in ignorance of its Source. Unconditional love brings them back home.

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