The Cycles of Life

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In this blog post I’ll share my perspective on what it means to align yourself with the natural cycles of life. The first thing to understand is that our experience as human beings is dual in nature. This means that we experience both the positive and negative aspects of life. Some people are more numbed out to these ups and downs, but others are more intensely involved in the ride. These people are often empaths and connected to the world around them.

The cycles of life are the swinging of the pendulum of our experience. These cycles are usually major and minor in time frame and can feel like a wave we are riding. However, we are not in control of how the wave moves, and we might try to ignore, manipulate and fix our experience. This is actually what causes us to suffer. Liberation is to ride the waves of life with a non-resistant attitude.

Most of us move through life in a mental manner. However, as we become more conscious we tend to switch over to a more energetic way of navigating life. In fact, this is explain in one of my previous blog posts, Energetic navigation. Energetic navigation is when we align ourselves with the cycles of life and live life from a place of truth, empathy, authenticity and flow.

The Cycle of the Sun

The cycle of the Sun is the cycle of the day. Most of us feel more energetic when the Sun is at its peak around noon and we get sleepy when the darkness sets in the night. I call this the cycle of action and rest. We feel energetic and want to put things into action in the day time and we need to rest and slow down in the night.

This is a natural cycle and life gets easier when we understand our own internal cycle in terms of action and rest. In fact, this is how we can create a lifestyle and routine that aligns with our rhythm and works well for us. The question to ask yourself is when do you feel more energetic and when do you feel tired?

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The Cycle of the Moon

The second cycle is the cycle of the Moon. This is a cycle of creativity and fertility and is usually stronger felt by women. Women are cyclical in nature and many of us synchronise with the Moon and her cycles. Everything is nature is more alive and fertile during Full Moon and more calm during New Moon.

Hence, when we understand that we are a part of nature, we might realise how we also connect to the Moon cycles. In my experience, during Full Moon I feel more creative, energetic and restless. I is a perfect time to get things done or start something new. During New Moon I naturally pull back, spend time alone and relax. Society is masculine in the sense of the Moon cycles are being ignored. It is our responsibility to make room and go with this natural flow.

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The Cycle of the Earth

The cycle of The Earth is the cycle of birth and death. Growing up in Scandinavia, the difference between the seasons are pretty significant with long, bright, warm summer nights and dark, cold winter days. I noticed quite early in my life how I changed as nature changed. My needs changes, my habits changed, my emotional, physical and mental state changed.

During Spring and Summer I feel energetic, inspired, creative and like a new world is being born. Every fall and winter I cuddle in a blanket, feel emotionally low and tired. For me, the first part of the year cycle is expansion and creation and the second part of the year is contraction and integration. Allowing myself to follow these cycles, instead of pushing against them, made life way easier. In fact, you can even learn to appreciate this cycle and flow with it intuitively.

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The Cycle of the Galaxy

The fourth and last cycle I want to mentioned in this blog post is the cycle of the Galaxy. This is a cycle of consciousness and is often described as the Yugas in Yogic tradition. The Yuga cycles are explained in the book, The Holy Science, written by Sri Yukteswar and is mentioned in other yogic texts as well.

The cycle of consciousness, according to the yogis, is a matter of our solar system circulating around the center of our Galaxy. The closer we are to the center of the Milky Way, the higher level of conscioussness we experience and the more Source consciousness we embody. The further away we are from the center, the less conscious we are.

Higher levels of consciousness are recognised in more peace, empathy, unity, collaboration and freedom. We also become aware of energy, manifestation and we get access to more advanced technology. Things are more smooth, abundant, synchronised, easy and orderly. On the contrary, lower levels of consciousness means more chaos, more conflict, more poverty and struggle. In the less conscious era, humans are only aware of the material world and they fight and struggle for survival. Hence, they are unaware of energy and spirituality and God experiences itself as a separate entity from itself.

These cycles fascinate me a lot. The cycles described by Sri Yukteswar consists of Kali Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga and Satya Yuga, where Kali is the least conscious era and Satya is the most conscious era.

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I hope you found this helpful. If you want to dive deeper on this topic with me and learn more about flow, balance and the non-resistant way of living, join me in my program, Awaken You!

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