The dark night of the soul

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*Transcription of the Dark Night of the Soul video. You can watch the video here.

If you have gone through or you are going through the dark night of the soul, this blog post is for you. If you are on a spiritual journey you will most likely at one point or another go through this process. It can happen more than once, so this information may resonate at a future point in time. Today I will give my perspective, experiences and my wisdom about the dark night of the soul. 

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Ego dissolving

The darkest you have experienced

When I’m talking about the dark night of the soul I’m not pointing to a few bumps in the road, a bad day or a few negative thoughts. I speak about the experience when you completely reach rock bottom. It feels like you are even scratching the bottom itself. I’m speaking about the moment when you question existence itself and you feel like you are dying with no escape. The emotional pain is not to stand anymore and your mind is so dark that you feel like you are losing it.

You feel like you are suffering so badly and collapsing on the floor. Crumbling and crashing, mentally and emotionally. This is what I am talking about. The darkest of the darkest you have experienced, nothing less, and you cannot avoid or control it. This is what I want to talk about and I think this is maybe the most important topic to share right now. Love and light is the easy side of spirituality. Even though it’s okey to want that and to focus on that, we need to speak about the opposite so we can transform it into love and light.

We are love and light and the key is to take off the unconscious layers and experience love and light naturally instead of having to try to reach for it. I’m here to talk about the darkness, the sorrow, the shame, the fear, the anger, the pointlessness, the apathy and feeling of the giving up on existence itself. 

So what is really going on?

So, what is actually happening when we are going through this? What is going on from a higher perspective? From your soul’s perspective? And what is the purpose of the dark night of the soul? 

Before I share my perspective on that I first of all want to say that if you are going through this, you are a true hero of this world. A hero is, in my opinion, someone who faces the darkness and that is what you are doing. You are standing up for Source and the whole Universe as we are ultimately one consciousness.

In this process, you are bending and digging down into the shadows of the Universe and the lost pieces of Source. You are not doing this only for yourself, you are doing it for the whole and the fact that you have volunteered to do this for the Universe makes you a hero, nothing less.

Just take a moment to acknowledge your journey for yourself. I appreciate you, Source appreciates you and the Universe is endlessly grateful for your work even if you can’t see that you are being supported. It wouldn’t be the dark night of the soul if it didn’t feel like you were alone in it too. We are one and your healing is healing for the Universe and it is very important.

From a higher perspective…

So, from a higher perspective you are transforming unconsciousness into consciousness. You are making the unseen seen. The darkness, the pain, the suffering has been there all along. It is manifested from a past creation and experience and what is happening during this process is that it is becoming visible. Consciousness is awareness, beingness itself and the truth of what you really are. Unconsciousness is the idea about what you think you are. When you have lost the truth of what you are in separation from Source you create a false identity, also called the ego.

This is how the Universe is created. For Source to have an experience of itself it must have a contrast. To experience a contrast when you are all that exists, Source created illusion. This is perfect and the way it is supposed to be from the Creators perspective, but if you are experiencing the dark night of the soul it means you are returning home again. It means that you are being called home to remember who you are, which is ultimately Source itself. 

A part of you is dying

The process of realizing that you are not what you thought you were is painful for most of us. I like to use the bubble analogy. Imagine you are inside a bubble. The bubble is your idea about yourself, life, the Universe, yes, your whole perspective and understanding of reality all exists inside of the bubble. The dark night of the soul is when the bubble bursts and your old reality and idea about yourself falls apart.

A part of you is dying and you can feel it. And yes, a part of your ego is dying, but in reality you are expanding. You are now in a new and bigger bubble (unless you experience enlightenment right away like a very few individuals have), but it is larger and your perspective of reality has expanded. You have less false identity, more consciousness and you are more of your true self. The bubble bursting is what I think of as the dark night of the soul. It is painful, but it leads to liberation. 

Shine a light on the dark

The dark night of the soul is closely tied up to spiritual awakening. We can speak about crystals, sound healing and yoga, and I respect and appreciate all of that, but the real and true work is digging down and picking up the missing parts of yourself. Awakening is becoming aware of what you are not and letting go of what you thought you were.

Your awareness of everything and yourself is increasing and it will make you aware of the pain and darkness that has been there all along. When I say darkness I mean what is in the shadows, not being seen. Not being acknowledged by consciousness.

Becoming more conscious and rising higher can be seen as shining light on the darkness. How to make the shadows disappear? You turn on the light of course. Your light is your consciousness and the dark night of the soul is telling you that you are expanding and are ready for the next level of healing and further liberation. You are literally turning on the light inside of you and all your shadow aspects get exposed. The more the light of your consciousness expands the longer it reaches to parts of you that have been unconscious maybe for lifetimes. 

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Finding your rejected aspects

Aspect integration

So, unconsciousness is lack of awareness and consciousness is awareness. When you are unconscious you create the idea of what you are. You hold many of these ideas until you start to question them and thus, awaken. The ideas are like mental images of yourself and what you have told yourself to be. 

Further, I would like to speak about aspect integration which is closely tied to the dark night of the soul, where your inner aspects are begging to be seen. When you are a human you are fragmented in nature, meaning that you have multiple parts of yourself inside of you. The same way, Source has multiple aspects of itself in the big picture. The aspects are living inside of you whether you have acknowledged them or not. 

When you experience trauma a few things happen on a spiritual level. With trauma I mean when an experience and interpretation of an event that gets stuck in your body in your unconsciousness. The energy that you experience from the event is far away from Source frequency and since we humans have emotions, it feels painful emotionally in the form of anger, shame, guilt, loneliness, etc. This can be so painful that we, as a survival response, move out of your body to not have to feel the pain. Our consciousness moves out of our body to not have to deal with the pain in the moment.

Are you rejecting yourself?

When we don’t acknowledge what we are feeling and refuse to feel, we actually reject a part of ourselves. The energy of the emotion, instead of flowing through you, gets stuck inside of you. When we don’t feel the emotion, which is actually just energy with distorted frequency, it gets stored in our body and needs to be felt and acknowledged later. When our soul decides it wants to become more aware and we start to expand our consciousness, we go back into our body again and regain contact with it. It is like you are stepping back into it and turning on the light inside of your body.

The aspects of you that you rejected and that are in the shadow become visible. The aspects of you that you rejected are unconsciously dictating your perspectives and choices. They are ready to be seen, loved, integrated and eventually transformed into consciousness. That is how we heal, by loving what is not being loved. By loving what is experiencing separateness and what is hiding from conscious awareness. 

The collective rise

Humanity is going through a dark night of the soul. We are awakening as a species and Earth is moving into its new dimension. I recommend that you check out the work of Dolores Cannon or lots of other spiritual teachers that speak on this topic if this is new to you. Source is calling us home after all these years of our suffering and so many of us are ready to remember who we are. This is very special and it will have ripple effects into the whole Universe we are living in. 

So if you are going through the dark night of the soul right now, know that there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, there is something very right about you and you are where you are supposed to be. If not, you wouldn’t be here. It is painful when a part of you dies and transforms. Be kind with that part of you. It is the past and it has probably suffered for a long time. Be gentle with yourself. If you avoid it or try to move away, it will get stronger as you ascend spiritually. The light is shining on the dark and you have no choice but to eventually see the darkness.

Awareness of the illusion

You are starting to remember and you are integrating the parts of you that are not remembering and believe in an illusion. The parts of you believe in separation from yourself and others. Separation is the opposite of oneness. Oneness is love and love is Source frequency. Separation is therefore experienced as painful. The more light you become the more dark will the darkness be experienced because it becomes more contrasting to your light.

I’m using the analogy of light and dark but it’s all about consciousness vs unconsciousness. This is where nothing is wrong, it is just experienced differently. Your fragments are becoming one with you. That is the same process that happens collectively when we become one with Source again. You are turning into a masterpiece of wisdom. 

The key is surrender

The dark night of the soul is the experience of breaking down completely and eventually breaking free. The process can last from a few hours to a long period. It is all individual and perfect as it is. The key is surrender. Giving up. Letting go. It sounds easy, but it’s not, I know. If it was easy to alchemize unconsciousness we would be done already and humanity would shift to the 5th dimension in a second.

The sooner you meet the pain and surrender, the sooner the dark night will pass and it will be replaced by peace, acceptance and pure consciousness. You are on your way home. From separation and to oneness. It is painful and a hero’s journey. Love is our nature and the challenge is to love where love is absent. How far can we stretch love and keep the knowing of it, when love feels impossible. We are letting love expand the furthest it has been so far in the Universe.

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Love in the night – light in the dark

I hope I have helped you some how with my message. If you liked it and you know someone that might need this information, feel free to share it. We are in this together, even though it might not always feel like it. If you feel like you need further support through your dark night of the soul, join my program Awaken You! In the toolkit I share my most important techniques that I use to help me through the experience. You can also book a call with me directly here.


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