The more we wake up

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The more we wake up, the less there is to say about it. This is true for me and many others. In the early stages of awakening we tend to look around a lot for answers. This is the mind doings its habitual job trying to understand, conceptualise and grasp our new way of experiencing the reality and ourselves. However, the more we peel off layers of illusion and ignorance, the less the mind can follow along.

In fact, the we even start loosing interest in its stories and its distracting ways of stealing our focus into its world of fantasy. The mind creates fantasies about us, who we are and our place in this world. At some point we see that it’s a complete waste of time and totally illusory. The only real world is what we are and everything we perceive in front of us. The actual present moment is much more fascinating and exciting.

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Becoming children again

The more we wake up, the less time bound time bound we become replacing it with more and more presence. Moreover, we let go of beliefs and turn more towards exploration and curiosity. Further, we stop pushing and pulling on reality with personal intentions and become more and more surrendered. Reality looses it’s heaviness and becomes playful, wonderful and spontaneous. In fact, we become like children again.

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Hence, as personal or cognitive identity is seen to be just thought based, we tend to start having perceptual shifts of a more intimate and vast reality. First with just a few objects. Then inside and outside starts merging and the non-dual reality reveals itself to us over time or suddenly. It is different than we could ever imagine and much more real. It is undeniable. Reality itself starts emanating love. Reality itself becomes more and more beautiful. Everything is, has always and will always be okey.

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