The second matrix

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The second matrix is the spiritual matrix of spiritual ideas, concepts and paradigms. Everything you try to achieve, is a thought. The test is:

Can you describe it? If yes, then it is a thought. 

Is it your direct and undoubtable experience, like the sense of wind on your skin and sounds around you? If not, it is a thought. The second matrix promises its own version of perfection, self love, healing, manifestations, supernatural phenomena, etc. It is easy to overlook that you are in it and the way you discover is to ask yourself the question: is this concept or idea a part of my direct experience right here and now? If not, then it is a thought. 

When we experience an increase in consciousness the mind doesn’t follow along. It experiences fear, confusion and even grief. So as a coping mechanism, our minds try to make sense of our awakening and it is almost desperate in the attempt to understand. We seek gurus, truth and teachings. Nothing here is wrong, but it is easy to overlook that we in this process take on a new identity, a spiritual identity. This is the person who woke up and is chosen to save the world. You can say it is a positive ego in many ways, but the problem arises when we overlook that this is what happens and we get stuck here. The initial shift in consciousness is actually just the mere start and the spiritual ego is a stage.

Some of us get very obsessed with healing and lifestyle. Others want to find truth and go down into deep dungeons of conspiracy theories looking for answers. Others realize a sense of freedom and go out to create their own reality. This is beautiful and consciousness expressing itself through a higher aware being.  

The spiritual ego

For good or bad, depending on the eyes looking, I had a strong resistance to being a spiritual person. Waking up felt like the biggest catastrophe ever. I had learned to like who I had become as a separate personality. I actually liked my ego personality and the matrix I was a part of. Waking up meant none of this was real and there was a battle between the “old” me and the “new” me. The old me with my career, interests, qualities, personality, ambitions and social roles. The new me that was waking up from all and being a soul on a spiritual seeking path whatever that means. It took me some time to recognize both ideas of self are thoughts I had identified with. They are nothing appearing as something. 

Where to look when all you have ever known feels out of resonance, uncomfortable and even unreal? What used to feel normal is now filled with a sense of pain and alienation. So we try to find comfort in spirituality. The 5th dimension, astral travels, extraterrestrial contact, angel and tarot cards, constant attempts to heal and fix ourselves or manifest something better. When you think you need to be healed, your ego is keeping itself alive by keeping you focused and busy on fixing something you are ultimately not. You are trying to fix an illusion. This is a mental fixation.

The traps of mental fixations

Thinking the future will bring us peace, joy and love is the trap and the whole game of ego mechanism. Another trap of the ego is to make us see it as a form or “thing”, not as an underlying mechanism governing us and keeping us feeling separate from all. Keeping us away from the natural non-dual reality. 

Overall, we go from seeking validation, money, relationships and success as “unawakened” and we change it into seeking liberation, comfort, peace, self love, guidance, a better life in the spiritual matrix. The spiritual matrix is for people who have woken up from the first matrix, but still overlook that they entered a second one. This matrix is beautiful and empowering, but everything that becomes conceptual is a thought and not the actual reality. We can enjoy this matrix and stay here as it can feel comforting in many ways. But it becomes a hindrance if we want to progress and realize further what we are. 

Being okay with what is

What if the idea of trying to be better to make better, is the denial of what is and ultimately what facilitates suffering to grow. Can you be okay with the imperfection? Through the mind we can’t since the mind is always looking for problems to solve, something to get somewhere and promises of a future which is ultimately just imagination. 

Imagination is what takes you out of what really is here and now and is linked to past and future. The stories of the mind can be so seductive that we forget we spend most of our time here. Even on a spiritual path. Peace, joy and love can only be found exactly here right now. This reveals itself when you take away the clutter you have covered the present moment up with. 

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