Unconditional Love

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What is unconditional love? By adding the word “unconditional” it is indicating that there is an opposite to this, meaning that love can be conditional. It is important to make a distinction and clarify now. Unconditional love is the creation of all that exists and has no opposite. A completely different situation the word “love” is used, is within the polarity that is often mistaken as love; strong approval or inclination for something or someone. The difference is that the latter has an opposite, being disapproval or aversion. 

The first is natural and absolute. The second is mental projection about right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and undesirable.  

As souls or aspects of Source, we want to see how far we can stretch our compassion and love. Being human on Earth challenges us on this because we experience pain and suffering. We hurt others and others hurt us. Where is the love in this, you may ask? 

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Oneness is unconditional love

From the ego perspective as the separate self, there is no love in conflict, war or abuse, but from the Oneness perspective, the existence of pain in and of itself is the mere evidence of unconditional love. Unconditional means that pain and darkness is also allowed to exist. Could we call it love if it did not allow pain and darkness to exist? 

The love of the Universe is so powerful that everything is allowed to exist, including your shame, rage, anxiety, sorrow and guilt. Even your darkest thought that you would never dear to say out loud is welcome here. God or the Universe sees it, holds space for it, creates it and becomes the apparent of it. Pain is a problem when you live in an illusion by attaching mental stories with regards to others and yourself. This is the illusion and a part of the difficulties in the experience we chose to have as humans. 

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The spiritual trap

Love is not the judgment of like as opposed to dislike. It is simply an allowance for something to exist. Moreover, it is the mere creation of something, even that which does not appear as love. How far can we stretch love? That is what we are being asked for here. We are aspects of Source. Is there anything Source has created that Source cannot face? Absolutely not. 

Removal of pain and darkness is not love. On the contrary, it is the acceptance and even appreciation of it. How can we appreciate darkness and pain? We can see it for what it really is. Forms and created constructs that are being suppressed, resisted and denied by conscious awareness. In fact, pain is usually the fire that keeps us ascending and wanting to realise what is beyond. It drives us back home when it is time. 

Love is also recognising the polarity of others and self to be illusory. It is just one of us and it is having a dream, and here we are, waking up. 

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