You are Source!

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Okey, so here is a powerful download I had during and after my first Ayahuasca ceremony.

You are really God. You are Source. But… you have forgotten it. You are living in a separation from Source. You cannot lose the connection because Source is all that really is. But because of ignorance and forgetfulness you live like you have lost the connection. In reality you have forgotten it.

You have forgotten who you are and there is nothing wrong with that. You chose that experience and you chose to experience what you are not to know better what you are. In this process you will eventually start to remember.

All that is false will become visible as false and will drop away. That process is a process of letting go and it can be painful. Skipping the pain is like trying to take shortcuts and missing pieces in the process and having to turn around and pick them up later.

To become conscious is to discover all that is unconscious, not to run away from it.

It is to know all that exists inside of you. And let go when you see what is not you. It is hard because what is unconscious often wants to stay that way.

The hardest to discover and to let go of is usually your identity. Your false identity as created by the ego. The ego is the mental concept of who you are and consists of all these ideas and images. Most people believe they are what the ego tells them that they are, their name, their bodies, their interests, accomplishments, relationship roles, possessions, past memories.

Again, nothing wrong here, but it is an illusion. A false idea about what you are. It is created from the lost connection to Source and the ignorance of it. The need to fill in a gap, an emptiness and a wound. Eventually you will return home.

Despite a normal human misconception, God isn’t something outside of you.

It cannot be and any teachings telling you otherwise is also coming from a place of separation from God and illusion. Source is love and not love like a concept of like and dislike. True love. Unconditional love. Understanding that we are all the same one consciousness, the same I am, within. You are me and I am you. Not in ego identity but in spirit. We have just forgotten it.

The illusion is created from ignorance of the one truth of oneness and the I am that breathes within all of us. The ignorance, the not knowing, created the false image. All pain stems from the separation from Source. All suffering in the illusion is rooted in that wound. That lost connection with all that is.

Ask and you shall be shown. When you are ready to see all of you and the truth of you, you will be shown what illusions you are carrying that keeps you separated from the one truth. From your highest I am. Which is God. We are the same. We are the one I am. 

When you remember what you are, that you are all that is, the whole Universe, then God starts to remember who he is. The universe starts to remember where it comes from. Not a physical place, but as consciousness. This is the same for all of us and inside of you you will find it. You would go like, aahhhh, now I remember. And it will all be okay.

We are aspects of God that feel like we are separate from it.

Taking on the journey of forgetting and remembering again is a hero’s journey. It is not just a challenge. It is the challenge. No bigger and more important challenge exists. You are a master. You will come back and remember it all, understand it all and know it all.

And you will love all of you because nothing else makes sense. Why should I not love all of me? Everything is just me anyway. I am all that exists. All exists within me. But some parts of me are not conscious of the fact that it is me. I love that part of me and I know that part is in pain. I respect and cherish that part of me and I know that part of me is experiencing a lot of darkness. Expressing it, living in it, believing in it and creating it.

Myself has forgotten me. But I will remember. When you remember, I, God, remember. Will you help me remember? You are me. Say “I am” and feel me inside as you. 

There is no good or bad. If something was wrong from God’s perspective it wouldn’t be possible. In the search of understanding and knowledge, contrasts must be experienced. In a case of creation itself, contrast must be present. There is no high without low, and no truth without lies, no knowing without not knowing.

As God, I cannot create what is not me.

So I did a trick. I created forgetfulness. Ignorance. Not remembering. That is truly all there is; different levels of how much is remembered or forgotten.

Earth is a planet in the Universe that exists in a deep illusion. The time has come for you to return back to me. The time has come for my lost children to return home. I say children as a metaphor, but the reality is that it is time for me to return to myself.

The whole universe will remember and return home. The more who remember, the more will remember. It gets easier and easier for the other aspects of me, which are all of you, to join the rising collective consciousness. You all are connected inside of me.” 

I hope you enjoyed this message. It has been said by many before me and it is the most obvious thing in the world when realised.


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