Back in 2017 I went through my first initial awakening. I didn't know I had had a spiritual awakening, it just started with a deep sense of being whole within myself and an entering a simplistic flow state of the present moment. Life felt perfect, simple, spontaneous and exciting for the first time since childhood.

After the shift I gradually went into a troublesome post-awakening phase and the reality as I knew it sort of collapsed into an existential and meaningless nothingness. For years I was desperately seeking answers about life and myself. I fell into many sorts of "spiritual traps", as I like to call it, which none gave me answers to the longing I felt inside. Eventually I read a book called "Awake: It's Your Turn" by Dr. Angelo Dillulo and so much fell into place.

This process never ends, but it certainly integrates, clarifies and reaches certain milestones for most of us. Now I am ready to support others with integrity and authenticity on the same journey-less journey.

Much love,


I serve the ones that are standing with their feet in the midts of a destructive, painful and confusing awakening and feel lost when it comes to identity, reality and life itself. With identity work, emotion work and the embodiment of unconditional love, I aim to point you directly and deeply into your true nature.