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Grief Is Grieving

Can you remember from early childhood when you felt sad and started to cry? How the grief and sorrow of being yelled at, rejected or

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Self Inquiry

What is the most fundamental question in the Universe? Is it “who is God”? Or “what is the Universe”? Maybe “where do I come from

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What Is The Mind?

The mind is an interesting phenomenon. It is intelligent, creative and logical. It understands, analyses and memorises. It provides us with excellent tools like language,

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An Optical Illusion

When we are young children we experience the world unfiltered and naturally in the 5 senses. Slowly and gradually we enter into a world of

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The Cycles of Life

In this blog post I’ll share my perspective on what it means to align yourself with the natural cycles of life. The first thing to

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Energetic navigation

In this blog post I will share my perspective on intuition and energetic navigation. When we start to wake up from the world of thoughts

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The second matrix

The second matrix is the spiritual matrix of spiritual ideas, concepts and paradigms. Everything you try to achieve, is a thought. The test is: Can

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Unconditional Love

What is unconditional love? By adding the word “unconditional” it is indicating that there is an opposite to this, meaning that love can be conditional.

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