There is a way of experiencing life that is filled with love, joy, peace, spontaneous wonder and freedom.

The Expansive Journey

My name is Julie and I have created The Expansive Journey as a way to guide you through your awakening process.

Awakening is probably the most transformational process we can go through as human beings. It is older than time, more intimate than identity and much vaster than the reality we have learned to know. I went through my initial awakening several years ago and now I am here to serve you on your own unique journey towards your true nature. 


What I have created for you

Mentorship Program

Have me as your mentor and let me hold your hand while navigating the unsettling and confusing waters of awakening. 

Private 1:1 Session

Book a private call with me and let me guide your through some of the most challenging parts of awakening. 

Live Online Q&As​

Join The Expansive Tribe for monthly Satsangs and Q&As where we talk about spiritual awakening together.

Real Life Retreats

I also do real life retreats once a while for longer and shorter duration. Check out my upcoming retreats and locations.


Lovely, clear voice and expression of this truth. I’m so glad you’re doing this! I especially enjoyed that the first video I hear from you is on emotion, which is generally my point of entry into this whole process. May your voice and your heart reach and touch many, and help them see their way through the confusion as well!
- Mac Parker
Julie, you are my favorite nondual teacher. I am not interested in comparing you with the others but I can see that you are living out and experiencing the teachings you have learned.
- Dr. Don Levine
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For the person that prefers to read, I have also created The Expansive Journey Blog where I write articles about spiritual topics and share gained insights I think is enjoyable, interesting and important to the general awakening public. You can explore the blog down below and drop me a comment with your perspective.

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