How I can guide you

To support you and others through the journey of awakening, I have created several services, so you can choose the options that best suits your needs. 

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is how I can support you the most. Through a sustained period I will show you my toolbox and guide you as much as I can towards liberation.

Private 1:1 Session

You can book private 1:1 sessions with me where I can help guide you through this process including shadow integration, identity work, mental programming and more.

Live Online Q&As

Join The Expansive Tribe online for monthly Zoom calls. It is free to participate and you can bring up the topics and questions you have regarding spiritual awakening.

Real Life Retreats

Stay tuned for my next upcoming real life retreat. This is a way to connect physically with me and others on a similar path and transform together.

What is awakening?

Awakening is a shift in what we take ourselves to be and what we take to be real about reality. It is not supernatural, it is existential. It is not experiential, it transcends all experience. It is not somewhere else other than right here and right now.

There is no good way to describe awakening as you might have noticed. It can feel like becoming sober at a party where everyone else are drunk. Or like we have woken up from a dream we didn’t know we were dreaming. In one way, this is true.

Some of the other things we might experience when we wake up is increased sensitivity and emotional pain coming to the surface. If this happens, it is a good sign and the way through this is shadow integration.

I have mentioned a few aspects of awakening here, but this list is not all encompassing. Everyones experience is unique and no one will experience it exactly the way you do. It doesn’t mean that your experience is not real. It is.

We wake up from the dream of the mind, which essentially are all the thoughts we have gathered and learned to believe about reality. We have swallowed a red pill and see through the illusion of this world. 

Many of us go through the dark night of the soul. I went through this for years and it was definitely the most challenging time of my life. The existential meaninglessness was overwhelming.

There are several “pitfalls” of the mind which most of us go through at some point or another either before or after awakening. These are ways the mind fools us into seekers or creates a spiritual identity among other things. 

Awakening is self evident, meaning that you don’t need anyone else to confirm it. But the mind will still look for validation and try to make it fit into a category. It is normal, but you don’t need it. If you have woken up, you will know. 

You might also experience some kind of crisis around the time of your initial awakening. It can be a change in relationships, work, health or any other area of life that disturbs the status quo and challenges you to let go.

The top three things I recommend to you if you are going through this massive transformation is to #1 take good care of yourself, #2 don’t expect the people in your life to get it. #3 Find one or more real mentors that can guide you.