Living as the Source

In Buddhism there is a saying that when the student is ready, the master appears. It is a universal realignment that is supporting us at the time we are ready to receive the guidance we that need. 

Why have a mentor? Because it sounds dope? Not really. The awakening process is usually a confusing one, a destabilizing one and a disorienting one. It is raw, intense and painful. It can feel like we are being destroyed from the inside out and going crazy. 

When navigating this territory for the first time, it is very common to fall into certain mind traps, where being a “spiritual seeker” is one of them. It is often very helpful to have a GPS that can point out the way for you, but it is crucial that the GPS has dowloaded the right maps for the territory you are facing. 

All mentors transmit in a different way, but the more truth you realize, the more you will see that they all point the same direction. I recommend that you find a mentor, or maybe several, that aligns with you and your own journey. One that feels right to your gut and heart. Below I will share as detailed as possible who and how I can help as well as detailed information about my program. 


Who are you?

Does it feel like you have taken a red pill? Like you have woken up from a dream you didn’t know you were dreaming? Like you have become sober at at a party where everyone else are still drunk? Like you have been in a dark room your whole life and suddenly the light is turned on and you can see all the mess inside?

Waking up feels like waking up to a more real level of reality. In a deep sense we know that life will never be the same again, even though we might try to go back at times and look for identity and conceptual answers. Everything looks different from here and life can feel disrupted in a very existential way. 

Many of us start asking questions about who we are, what reality really is and the purpose of it all. The existential dread takes over life as we knew it and we often start seeking answers. 

This Mentorship Program is aimed for you if you have had an initial awakening and you are entering the dark night of the soul with emotional pain surfacing, a deep sense of grief and loss as well as finally seeing through the illusion of the world. You feel lost and despair and no matter where you look for answers, they are not to be found.

You feel confused about what reality is, what you really are and how you are supposed to move forward in life after this shift. Your sensitivity is off the roof and your preferences have changed in people, activities and consumption.

You have tried living life as society, culture and your circle expects of you in terms of external attachments, but you could never find the true peace and happiness there. Accomplishments in the matrix doesn’t hold the answer for you anymore and you are seeking truth beyond what you have learned and been conditioned to believe about life. 

You have maybe also tried finding answers in the spiritual matrix be it creating a spiritual identity, be a part of spiritual groups, have a spiritual career, a spiritual lifestyle, believe in a more spiritual future og looking for a more spiritual past. None of that truly answers your deepest longing for truth. 

This program is for you that feel like you have tried all the paths you know and faced nothing but blind roads and dead ends. There is nothing left to do or seek. You are ready for the next step, liberation.  


We have forgotten the natural way; the way of wonder, freedom, peace, enjoyment and spontaneity. 

What is included in the Mentorship?

The Mentorship is a 4 month program where I take you through 4 modules representing 4 aspects of awakening. The first module is all about the mind and harnessing our awareness into the present “real” reality and getting out of the thought world. The topic of the second module is identity and we will touch upon Self Inquiry, investigating inner aspects of who we are and the ego force. The third module encompasses emotion work, shadow integration and unconditional love. The fourth module faces the topic of life integration that are crucial to inhabit and encompass as your wake up and that can save you from spiritual traps and avoidance of life. My whole toolbox is for you to use with me as your guide along the way.


There will be weekly group coaching calls every Wednesday 8pm CEST on Zoom. The timing can change based on where clients are located, but you will be notified about changes in sufficient time. The course material will mainly consist of videos, meditations and spiritual practices. Every 4th week we will have integration week where there won’t be any course material. The purpose of this is for you and me to rejuvenate, integrate and prevent overwhelm. The journey of awakening is not a quick fix and we normally need time to stop, practice and let realizations unfold on its own. If you join the Mentorship Program, you also get 50% off monthly subscription to The Expansive Tribe. Learn more here

Awakening is a process of destruction, surrender and unconditional love.

How to apply?

If you have read about my Mentorship Program and you feel intuitively guided to take on this journey of freedom, love and natural enjoyment, I welcome you to book a free Clarity Call with me below. The call is a 15-20 minute chat on Zoom where you can share with me where you are at on your journey and you get to ask me questions about the program as well. A Clarity Call is aimed to serve us both in the assessment of whether or not the Mentorship Program is for you. If this feels right for both, you will receive the link to join. Hope to talk to you soon 🙂 

The core of everything in the Universe is unconditional love. It is not something to believe, but something we will come to recognise.