Grief Is Grieving

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Can you remember from early childhood when you felt sad and started to cry? How the grief and sorrow of being yelled at, rejected or not understood made you go by yourself and grieve? I remember those moments very well. Moreover, I can recall how much better I felt after letting myself fully feel the pain of the emotion. When we are children, we tend to let emotions move through us naturally and without resistance. As we grow older we become conditioned to suppress our emotions and it accumulates into a pain body of unconscious emotional pain.

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In fact, this suppression can lead to physical disease on top of mental struggle. So what is the cure to this pain? Well, to heal, we have to feel. Emotions are natural aspects of this reality. They are a part of the human experience and something we eventually cannot escape, especially after awakening. Before we awaken we tend to be on this never-ending treadmill of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. We also attribute our emotions to external factors, situations and people. We tend to react emotionally and we develop coping mechanisms to protect ourselves from pain.

No more escape from grief…

Some escape to television and entertainment, others to porn or drugs. Others are avoiding being alone or in silence at all costs. This is because they know deep inside that if they do, their emotions will come knocking. Some people keep themselves busy or future oriented. In fact, there are millions of ways to play this game of avoidance and almost all of us are doing it. This is the human conditioning and a way we have been surviving for as long as we know.

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Awakening make these coping mechanisms come to the surface of our awareness. However, somehow they don’t seem to work as they used to anymore. This is when we become aware of our emotional pain and how much it has been weighting us down. With proper identity work and thought-detachment, we can start to see these emotions as independent energies that move through our awareness like clouds on the sky.

We can come to realise that there is no inherent identity or necessary story attached to the emotions and we are actually safe to just feel and surrender into whatever energy that is present. When the stories are released, the energy can move through with much less resistance. The grief is grieving, the anger will be raging, the fear will be anxious. It is okay and what is holding all of this is what I like to call unconditional love.

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Until next time,

Much love and namaste!

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