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What is the most fundamental question in the Universe? Is it “who is God”? Or “what is the Universe”? Maybe “where do I come from and where am I going”? I would say it is a question that is more fundamental than even that and the question is: who am I? This is the base question for self inquiry and when you ask this question, I like to say that it is the Absolute that is calling on itself.

Because you are not separate from the Absolute. In fact, none of us are and it is like the big secret we all have, that we are in fact one infinite being. Again, this being is not out there in the sky somewhere, in a book or in your imagination. It is always right where you are and also in where your attention lies. It is everything, both the perceived and the perceiving one. They are not two. It is your true nature.

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Self inquiry points us back to where we already are…

Self inquiry point us directly back to the truth about what we are. The mind is designed to keep us away from this and distract us. Hence, when we start to question our very existence, it will show a great deal of resistance. All of our lives we spend in creation, content and duality. We spend our life in conceptual identity believing we are a separate self on a timeline with other people and a world out there. It is a very convincing illusion.

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Waking up to the real “I AM” can not be mistaken. The real you will feel much more real and natural than what you took yourself to be. And when the ego aspects comes back afterwards, you will never find comfort or peace in conceptual identity anymore. It will feel false and tainted, and what used to feel normal will feel pretty uncomfortable.

When we ask the fundamental question of self inquiry, we can fall into the trap of conceptual answering. This is the mind that starts producing thoughts again. It is completely fine of course, but know that the question cannot be answered inside the mind. Notice who you really are in your direct experience. Who is asking the question. And who is listening? Who are you?

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