The Empath And The Lion

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In this blog post I will share my experience on my empath wound and how I turned my trauma into wisdom and strength. Growing up I experienced psychological abuse by my father, my teacher and my best friend. As a child, I was weak and tried to make everyone around me happy. Trauma of emotional violence and neglect made me fight hard for validation, respect and love from my caregivers and other around me. I was easily dominated and controlled due to my lack of boundaries. Hence, I ended up people pleasing and self sacrificing to make everyone else happy on the expense of myself.

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There was a deep wound of unworthiness and I would see it as an honor to be a doormat for someone else. This was, naturally enough, taken advantage of and my sense of self and a child and young teenager came from helping others. I found strong identity in being a servant. In fact, felt so small after years of abuse that I would be glad if anyone gave me any kindness. Closer to my twenties, I was desperate to be the main character of my own life and I desired freedom, independence and sovereignty. This created a inner conflict with feelings of anger, resent and guilt. I’ve been healing from codependence ever since and I have come a long way to use my heart in a manner that is not only helpful to others, but also supports me.

Millions of us are Healing Together

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Codependency and people pleasing is just a symptom of a deeper trauma. The trauma is related to self sacrifice, self neglect and self abandonment. It stems from generations and past lifetimes, in addition to your childhood. Moreover, it is a collective theme and as I write these words, I know millions of people pleasers are standing up for themselves, healing from abuse, learning boundaries and self love. It brings tears to my eyes. If you are one of us, you are not alone. Your healing matters to all of us us as we are one in heart and spirit.

The Ancient Archetypes

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The archetypes of narcissists and codependents are ancient. Finally it is becoming visible and brought to the light of consciousness. The people pleasing is linked to distortions in the chakras of solar plexus and the heart. When your solar plexus is out of balance, you feel weak, beaten, powerless and small. Solar plexus energy is masculine and protective. It is strength and empowerment and makes us action oriented and energised. The distorted heart chakra is reflected in how the people pleasing empath lacks self love, self worth and self respect. You are a part of the whole and your should never, ever have to sacrifice yourself to be loved. You are a divine being!

The Lion Energy Rises

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I am writing this post during the Lion Gate Portal 2022 and lion energy is a counteractive archetype of the powerless empath. The lion is strong and powerful. It perfectly accompanies the heart in the way it protects, supports and fights in the name of love. Powerful lion archetypes I think about is Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Bridging your empathy with strength like a lion is what we learn as empaths when we have finally had enough. The empath and the lion walks hand in hand. We have scars, but we are wiser, stronger and will let love guide us in life. We do what is in alignment with Universal consciousness and the greater good of all. PS: lions are my favourite animals.

We have learned that love is not about someone giving and someone else taking. Love is not about giving and taking at all. In fact, love is about sharing and what we share is the recognition that we are one infinite being experiencing itself across the multiverse to the end of eternity.

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I hope this blog post about the empath and the lion was helpful to you. Also, drop a comment below and let me know if you are healing from codependency and traumatic abuse. Additionally, if you want to learn more about emotional release and healing, check out my 12 week program, Awaken You! . You can book a call with me directly here.

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