The Power of the Breath

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The power of the breath is being recognised by more and more people. In fact, the breath is life force moving through you at all times and contributes to the vitality of our being. It is more primary than water or sunlight and we take more than 20,000 breaths per day. In this blog post I mentioned breathwork and one of my top tips on how to raise our energetic frequency.

Due to trauma and stressful lifestyles, the deep and natural abdominal breathing patterns we have as babies, changes into improper breathing. We can return our normal breathing back to its natural state and at the same time invite other benefits into our lives. Below I have listed 5 benefits we can experience with breathwork.

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5 Benefits of Breathwork

  1. Relaxation and release of tension in our bodies.
  2. Emotional healing and more self love.
  3. Kundalini awakenings and DMT release in the brain.
  4. Calmness and clarity in the mind.
  5. More vitality and energy in life.

Of course, different techniques induce different effects and there is never one size fits all. I recommend that you research some on the contraindications or consult with a doctor before commencing a practice if you have a certain type of disease.

Moreover, I am personally a certified breathwork instructor from Loka Yoga School. Hence, I include many techniques inside my program, Awaken You! You can book a Clarity Call here. Here are 5 of my favourite techniques I share inside Awaken You!

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Top 5 Favourite Techniques

  1. Breath of Fire
  2. Bellows breath
  3. Box breath
  4. Alternate Nostril breathing
  5. Circular breathing

Accordingly, I use breath for emotional release and present moment awareness. With intense breathing techniques like bellows breath and circular breathing, I normally get physical tingling, energy movements, extreme presence and peace of mind. The first time I did prolonged circular breathing I only cried. The second time I only laughed. I suppose, this was intense emotional release and I felt very light afterwards.

I did a guided session with my parents several days in a row and my Dad experienced a Kundalini awakening and strong energetic activation. Although this happened a little out of the blue and he was rather confused afterwards, it showed us the power of the breath.

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